CNC bending press

Presa programabila AMADA Abkantpresse HFT130.4Machine model: AMADA Abkanpresse HFT130.4

Pressing force 125 tones in 4 axels
Bending speed max 100 mm/s
Maximum length 4230 mm
Large radiuses can be made due to the 4th axes
The CNC controller can make 3D

Laser cutting machine

Filozofia companiei Laser cutting machine - model: AMADA LC 2415 III with a cutting power of 3 Kw
- realizeaza operatii de debitare si gravurare.
- poate realiza piese cu profile complexe.
- Sheet dimensions: 1550 x 5000m

Material dimensions:

Mild steel
Stainless steel

12 mm

8 mm

8 mm

Advantages of laser cutting:


Seat PIT Panhard

scaun PIT

Description: fully equipped and ready to be installed; it comes with safety belt in 2, 3 and 4 points, homologated according to UN R-14.